Hay Fever Music Festival 

July 21 - 23, 2017

The Grid Pickers

Known for her powerful live performances and equally powerful social activism, Rachelle van Zanten blends socially conscious lyrics with soulful Canadiana grooves in a way that neatly captures the essence of her northern British Columbia origins. "Rachelle van Zanten is our voice, the muse of the North. She writes songs to inspire the wind, give voice to thunder, and fire the hearts of all those fighting to protect the land she loves so dearly."- Wade Davis, National Geographic


Lineup 2017

Rachelle Van Zanten

The Grid Pickers are a traditionally untraditional husband and wife folk duo from the deep backwoods of rural Saskatchewan. Formally charged with grand pickery, their songs of long hard travelled roads and living off the land and making a bold entrance into the Canadian folk scene. From hand broadcasted seeds of ragtime and country music grow lush crops of untamed bluegrass, Celtic and old-time.


Invoking the masters of old time, country, blues, and ragtime, Big Fancy roams the land, a true troubadour moonshiner with a sharp wit and love-lorn voice who’ll break your heart like an echo from a hidden treasure of a record collection.


Big Fancy

Singer/Songwriter Kym Gouchie is from the Lheidli T'enneh Nation in Prince George, BC. Canada. A self taught guitar player and a traditional hand drummer, she utilizes her eclectic background to inspire her as she combines elements of traditional, folk and country to create a unique voice.  Raised among musicians, it wasn’t until dealing with personal tragedy that she was able to find her voice on her own journey, which is realized with her debut album.


Kym Gouchie

Saltwater Hank’s songs will take you on a journey through the mountains of the Bulkley Valley to the Skeena River watershed, from the salty west coast shoreline all the way eastbound to the Kooteney’s. His stories are inspired by the people, the land, and the water of the region he calls home.

Amy Blanding sings music with an unbridled, often unnerving authenticity and passion. Her songs are stories, and her energy will catch you up and help you fly.

Hank and Amy are a new duo on the scene, but are old hat when it comes to sharing the stage. Making up two-fifths of the band Black Spruce Bog, these two friends are thrilled to be playing and “homogenizing” together again.

Salt Water Hank and Amy Blanding

Chloe Nakahara is a fiddler, currently living in Victoria, B.C. Growing up in Prince George, B.C, Chloe started off with classical violin, but took more of an interest in fiddle music. Her styles range from, Canadian old time, to celtic, to jazz. Chloe is studying with Daniel Lapp, working towards a diploma in contemporary music at the Victoria Conservatory of music. Outside of school, she instructs private lessons and plays in various groups around Victoria.


Chloe Nakahara

Red Barn Brigade is a old-timey trio with banjo, fiddle, and guitar based out of Prince George, BC. Their original songs have folk/country tints with thought-provoking lyrics. With rich vocal harmonies and old-timey grooves, Red Barn Brigade is sure to get your toes tappin'! 


Red Barn Brigade 

Scrambled eggs and scrambled brains. Frontal Lobotomy consists of Raghu Lokanathan, Samantha Scott, and Danny Bell. They play a smear of Folk-Canadiana and have fun doing it. All three are song-writers and multi-instrumentalists. Together, they blend originals with lobotomized versions of songs written by friends across Canada.


Frontal Lobotomy 

You don’t have to listen long to grasp the beauty in the blended voices of Western Canadian Music Award winning folk/roots duo Twin Peaks (Naomi Shore and Lindsay Pratt). But when you experience their live show you’ll realize that their music is about something much more captivating than just a catalogue of clever songs.


Twin Peaks

The Racket

The Racket is an alternative rock trio originating in the small communities of Hazelton and Smithers in northern BC. Since their formation in 2011, they have been writing original music and performing all over BC. From their live performance you can expect stomping folk rock, tight and funky grooves, and heavy n’ steady blues rock. Currently, the trio is promoting their new self-titled album they released in September, 2016. With a lot of songs revolving around social change, their goal is to set the new age to a heavy downbeat.


All music at the Grassy Plains Hall Grounds
Friday: 6 pm - 10 pm
Saturday: 11 am - 9 pm
Sunday: 11 am - 3 pm
*Gates open one hour before music starts

Folky Strum Strum

The People that make up Folky Strum Strum play their version of Banjo Rockin’ folk music. They hail from the Peace Region in BC, met and came together for the simple passion of playing music. “The group has been described by fans as having a unique and soulful sound, that is backed by exceptional songwriting.” 

Iyan Bruvold, singer/songwriter, banjo & guitar player, started strumming the guitar at an early age almost instantly began song writing. Recently Folky Strum Strum consists of Brianne Hudson on Fiddle/Sax, Amy Gothard on Stand Up Bass, Danny Bell on Drums and Iyan Bruvold, singer/songwriter, banjo & guitar player.

Naomi Kavka

A voracious performer and songwriter, for years Naomi has performed extensively in BC and St. John's NL as a solo artist and in her alt-country band Pocket Knife, as well as in Power Duo, a folk-punk acoustic outfit with collaborator Corbin Spensley. She has shared the stage with such artists as Rae Spoon, Winona Wilde, the Burning Hell and Steve Maloney.

Slated for release in the spring of 2017, her first full-length album is nearing completion. In the meantime Naomi and her band can be heard performing in and around Prince George.

The Hampsters

Mike Robertson

The Southside has been my home for two thirds of my life, living “down Uncha”, and having Mollice Lake as my best friend is the tonic of happiness and comfort that most people search for a lifetime to find. I’m a proud citizen of the Independent Republic Of The Southside, a land of sanctuary, a land of challenge, a land of proud, a people of grit and contentment.


Like most singer/songwriters, I always hope that the audience enjoys my performance, but the real joy is actually translating the tunes with your voice and instrument. That is the most fun, ...if I can stay in time, stay in tune, remember all the words… and hope my voice can last for 45 minutes!

The Hamps aka " The Hampsters " is a family based group residing in the small northern community of Burns Lake. Their love for music is derived from having fun and making people smile. Nicole and Julia have a history of singing to there favourite movies, playing piano and are both adding the fiddle to their repertoire.


They have invited their parents to accompany their selections but are currently resisting the sharing of any profits. Past performances include playing for there grandparents, family and friends, The Lakes District Festival of the Performing Arts, and of course Burns Lake Idol which takes place annually at the Lakes District Fall Fair.


They would like to extend there gratitude to their piano and voice teacher Martina Zechendorf and fiddle and violin teachers Becky Bowerbank and Simone Hug. The Hamp family are also members of the Valley Youth Fiddlers and have recently completed the whirlwind BC tour of the production Alaria's Fiddle. 

Jo-Anne Nugent

A powerful vocalist and lyricist, Jo-Anne's original songs and selected cover songs follow themes of pilgrimage, love, and struggle.  Her music has been carved from a back drop of childhood cross-Canada road trips and the memories of story tellers along the way.   Jo-Anne is accompanied by multi-instrumentalist, Mark Thibeault, whose skilled musicianship pushes each song into new territory.  Together they have performed at the Midsummer Music Festival, the Kispiox Valley Music Festival and in many venues around the Bulkley Valley.

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